Users who have left

How can a user unregister and leave a forum?

Pardon if this is a dumb question, but I can’t see such an option anywhere in preferences.

My user count for my forum has gone down, and I am also wondering how to see which user has left the group.

Discourse automatically cleans up inactive users (trust level 0, no message posted) after 2 years. The settings clean up inactive users after days can be modified.

Besides that, new users can delete their account but the option isn’t available after some time (I don’t know the duration: maybe the setting is delete user max post age which is 60 days by default).

So, active users that have been there for some time shouldn’t be able to delete their account by themselves.


@Canapin thanks! I understand now. I did not know that. So an inactive user must have just been deleted by the system today.

I now realise that a user cannot delete themselves as it would mess up the post history.

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Aaah yes, it is quite a popular topic here! :smile:

You can check this in your logs: /admin/logs/staff_action_logs?filters=%7B"action_name"%3A"delete_user"%2C"action_id"%3A1%7D

Look for lines like:

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