Automatic creation of slick gallery for multiple images posted

Hey Discourse team & Discourse users,

In our community we have lots of people sharing lots of media (2.7m pageviews per month, ~1500 posts daily and growing). In some cases, users post too many images in one post, though we do have both Slick Gallery & Tiles Gallery options available. We don’t intend to force users to convert their images to gallery and would definitely not like to moderate the way users share the media.

The issue is that multiple images in one post make the topic too difficult to scroll through, and it just makes user experience worse. We do have some of high trust forum members editing such posts to convert multiple images into gallery, but this is inconsistent and is far from ideal solution.

What I propose is some kind of ability to automatically convert multiple images (the threshold should be set in admin settings) into Slick gallery. Advanced feature would be allowing admin to choose that type of gallery to use (Slick or Grid) for automatic conversion, but as for us we would like such posts to be converted into Slick type of gallery.

I know this is a messy thing to develop as it requires such functionality to parse the post in order to find multiple images in it and bracketing those into gallery tag after posting, without touching the rest of the post if there’s something else.



This is the theme component what you need. It can make automatic gallery. Oh sorry I was too fast this is not for slick gallery but for masonry. Might be useful for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, whaaat. I missed that out! Thank you!

Will certainly try it at our forum. This components lacks tile/slide view though, but I will comment to the corresponding topic on that.