Is carousel possible in a post


My requirement is I have some photos in a folder and I want to display them in a post in a scroll able format, something like carousel in a post.

Is this is possible. if so how. Please help.


Perhaps this plugin could do this:

But it seems not functional in the recent version of Discourse:

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See my Gallery Plugin: working and supported.
It scrolls the images in a popup. An example here: «Gallery» plugin (version 3.1, 2016-12-11) - Discourse Plugins

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I wanted similar for my forum - so here’s something I prototyped yesterday afternoon. Works great and no plugin needed. Just a few lines of js/jQuery and a couple of external library links.

Works with Lightbox too, so when you click on images, up pops the Lightbox window. It can also be quoted and the carousel still works. It can autoplay too.

It’s probably, edit: definitely, not at the same level as pro plugins offered elsewhere here, but it works for me.


Any plans on sharing the excerpts needed? I’m sure there woud be quite a few others interested in your implementation as it does look quite nice.

Sure, I’ll post a link when I go live. Just working through some styling issues - and how to signal when a gallery is required, rather than leaving the post as is. Currently galleries replace standard posts if the category has Gallery in the category name and the topic/comment has more than two images. Far from perfect but works ok.


can you share this plugin?