Working Image Gallery?

Why doesn’t discourse have image gallery option as a main feature of script ? Why do people have to order to a developer or consider paid options for a plugin ? Sorry, if I miss something about how it works at community.
This one and that one (tiles and slick) are not working…
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Slick Sample

Tiles Sample

How about?:

Bear in mind that Discourse if FREE open-source software … it’s supported by contribution and by the parent company’s hosting operations. Bear that in mind: consider contribution before ciriticsm …


Woovvvv… You’ve just killed me in a second.
Second sorry for if something still goes to be misunderstood . Yes, I know that discourse is free and lives via contributions.Thanks to them. I just wanna mention an image gallery shouldn’t be a luxury option instead of standart. Complex ideas and projects should come after basic needs like gallery option if discourse community wanto to be there (For example: like big drupal community.)
By the way; tiles image gallery is also not working.
Anyway, thanks for attention.

Yes I agree that would be a nice core feature.

Does the link above offer any help?

Both Slick and Tiles work just fine.

Be sure to follow the instructions in the topics and post there if you run into any issues.