Working Image Gallery?

(Iber Dems ) #1

Why doesn’t discourse have image gallery option as a main feature of script ? Why do people have to order to a developer or consider paid options for a plugin ? Sorry, if I miss something about how it works at community.
This one and that one (tiles and slick) are not working…
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Slick Sample

Tiles Sample


How about?:

Bear in mind that Discourse if FREE open-source software … it’s supported by contribution and by the parent company’s hosting operations. Bear that in mind: consider contribution before ciriticsm …

(Iber Dems ) #3

Woovvvv… You’ve just killed me in a second.
Second sorry for if something still goes to be misunderstood . Yes, I know that discourse is free and lives via contributions.Thanks to them. I just wanna mention an image gallery shouldn’t be a luxury option instead of standart. Complex ideas and projects should come after basic needs like gallery option if discourse community wanto to be there (For example: like big drupal community.)
By the way; tiles image gallery is also not working.
Anyway, thanks for attention.


Yes I agree that would be a nice core feature.

Does the link above offer any help?

(Joe) #5

Both Slick and Tiles work just fine.

Be sure to follow the instructions in the topics and post there if you run into any issues.