Automatic invite approvals as well as approvals for normal signups?

For the Login process, is it possible to have both :

  1. Registrations from people invited by a trusted level to be automatically approved, and
  2. Other on site registrations (ie non-invited) needing approval by a moderator ?

I do not see how this is set up at the Settings/Login.

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You can get close to what you are looking for by enabling the must approve users site setting and setting your min trust level to allow invite setting to “4: leader” to prevent regular users from sending invites.

Users who accept invites sent by staff members will be automatically approved. Users who register with a username/password will need to be approved by a staff member.


Thanks very much for the reply Simon. Much appreciated. I will use this info to work around what I want.

I am new to this, but am keen to grow our community quickly through invites from existing members, which I would have liked to have been pre-approved.

I would also have liked to have had the option that non-invited members would need to be approved by moderators.

It would seem to be a sensible way to grow a community, whilst trying to maintain its integrity.

Perhaps I could suggest this as a possible improvement for a future Discourse upgrade.

Thank you.

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