Strings with other domains than .com don't turn into links

Hey guys,

I put some effort in googling through this forum to find an answer to my confusion but unfortunately there is no such post that would do that.

I know there is a function which allows me to insert links but I find some users are used to type links manually, like But somehow, links with other domains (including our national .cz domain) seems to not turn these strings into links:

and so on.

Is there a possibility to change it, at least to .cz domains? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

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None of these are treated as links by default, but you can make them work very easily.

All you need to do is add the tlds to the markdown_linkify_tlds site setting.

New posts made after the change will have those as links. Older posts would need to be rebaked for the change to take effect. You can do that with something like this

./launcher enter app
rake posts:rebake

Wow, that was pretty easy! Thanks alot. :wink: