Automatic Scrolling Breaks Accessibility

I’m a screen reader user, and automatic scrolling breaks accessibility with focusing issues.
If I want to find a post in middle of a long thread, it’s impossible with screen reader because screen reader focus jumps all over the place.
I have to go to the top, read one by one until I find the post. I just spent 20 minutes to just find the post I need to reply
Is that possible to have an user preference to enable paging?


I’m afraid it is not an option at this time, no.

It would be helpful to have some more details of the screen reader that you’re using though, so that we can dig into this a bit more.

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Perhaps you can try the “jump to” dialog. In NVDA you would exit browse mode and enter edit mode, then press # which opens a dialog that let’s you jump to a particular post.

Does that help?