Automatic user titles based on user custom field?

(Michel) #1

Novice Discourse admin here. We would like to automatically create user titles based on the user’s response at registration to a required dropdown custom user field.

For instance, if we have several types of users, the answers to whose questions depend upon their industry background, we may have a required dropdown custom user field with the following choices:

  • transportation
  • software
  • medical
  • packaging

We would like to automatically assign a user title of “transportation” for a user who selects transportation as his/her industry. Knowing this background, it is much easier to reply to the user’s questions.

Have you figured out a way to do that without admin intervention for each registration? These registrations are random to us. FYI, there are no email domains that can be tied to a specific dropdown selection.

(Sam Saffron) #2

You would need a custom plugin for this, no built in way to do it.