Automatically delete topics in a category if no reply within set period

I’ve set up Configure the Discourse RSS Polling Plugin and would like to be able to automatically delete the RSS topics after a while if nobody has replied to them. Would it be possible to have this done automatically?


I’ve built a plugin for that a while ago: Delete Unreplied Topics plugin


I had decided not to install any third-party plugins… but this does exactly match what I need…

Your plugin is short and elegantly written so I hope wouldn’t be a problem but, in general, is there any way to confirm before each upgrade that a third-party plugin will still work?

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You’ll always need to test, or to lag sufficiently behind with updating (so other people will have tested for you).

Thanks. Some other places have a centralised way for authors to state which versions of the core software their plugins/extensions work with. Would you be willing to edit your “read me” page to this effect?

No, I won’t be doing that, because that means I need to maintain that information.

The plugin is in active use by one of our clients and that means that we will keep it up to date with at least the stable branch. But there could always be a few days between the release of a new stable version and the updating of the plugin.

Given the fact that this specific plugin is not monkey patching any methods I doubt that it will ever be able to break in such a way that your Discourse instance will be unusable.

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That’s understandable - and reassuring. Yes I can’t imagine Discourse changing so fundamentally as to break your plugin, but I’m new to this. Thanks again.

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This is one that I think should maybe be in core @sam as a category level setting.


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