Changes to how we're handling official #plugin topics

We’re making some changes to how we’re handling #official #plugin topics around here!

  1. All #official #plugin topics now have replies automatically deleted after 30 days to keep those conversations clean.
  2. Our team will keep watch on these topics and properly split discussions into #bug, #feature, and #support, or integrate documentation feedback into the original post for the plugin as needed. This will allow us to better track individual issues.
  3. Official plugin categories have been removed. Those topics are now accessible via the official plugin tags found at

Feel free to continue posting to the official plugin topics for feature requests, support, and bugs.


There’s a thing that bugs me a little bit in #plugin topics.

Each plugin presentation is written in a different way, depending in who wrote it.
As a result, I often find myself searching sometimes in the whole post for the actual plugin link.


Here in the first line (my favourite :relieved:) :

Here, it is at the end of the post:

Also sometimes the link is a onebox, sometimes it is not. Sometimes the URL is completely displayed, sometimes it is “hidden” behind some text:

That would nice if there was a convention when writing these topics, ruling that the plugin link would always be the first topic’s line.


A convention like this is on my radar — possibly a template for #plugin topics. Would at least make things consistent for new topics.