Automatically move topic category after topic close

Is there a way I don’t know of, or is it possible to build into category settings where upon topic close, the system moves the topic from it’s original category to a new category or sub-category?

In my use case it would eliminate a step in a specific user’s workflow in maintaining our Association’s monthly records. We create a topic in a specific category 1x monthly. Any topics in that category are set to auto close after 5 days. Right now, a specific user has to move the closed topic to an archive category.

If it is not possible to build into core settings, does anyone know how to write a script for the Automate Plugin that will watch for a topic in within a specific category ( lets say category 5), and when a topic closes in category 5, it moves it to category 6.

This could be useful for those using Discourse as a ticketing system moving a topic/ticket from the main category to the closed category upon the user (or system automatically) closing it.

Also, is there a way the system can notify the author when a topic automatically closes??

I’m not sure so don’t quote me on this but I think you can do this with Discourse-automation.

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It would be fantastic

Did it work with this plugin?