Automatically publish posts from WordPress to Discourse


How did you manage to set up to auto post? I’m having this issue now… To get one post, I have to manually activate the publishing to Discourse option. The same with allowing comments to edit on the post. When I do that and refresh the page, at that point the post is created and there’s a message about the possibility to go to myseite >> /blog/. How to make it possible to auto post on each topic?

The WP Discourse plugin has two options for getting all posts to be published to Discourse. Both options can be set on the plugin’s Publishing options tab.

If you enable the Auto Publish option, the ‘Publish post to Discourse’ checkbox will be automatically checked when a new post is created. This can be unchecked if for some reason you do not want to publish the post to Discourse.


If you enable the Force Publish option, all posts that are published on WordPress will be automatically published to Discourse in the category you have selected as your Default Discourse Category. Posts that are published through XMLRPC, for example, through the WordPress blogging app, will still not be published to Discourse.



Hi Simon,

Thanks for explaining it to me

Hi…I know this topic is aged, but there is something I really need to know as I’m completely new to discourse.

Is it possible to auto-post from WordPress post to discussion on certain conditions? Say for example; auto post to discourse should trigger only when the WP-post has at least 3 comments?

What would happen to your WP comments when the post is published on Discourse? Would this post have separate WP comments and Discourse comments? :thinking:
Which comments would the WP post display?

Thanks for your reply.

Actually I’m trying to reduce discussion on the wp-post, but shift all heavy discussions to the forum. Such that, when a post has up to three comment, a forum is created for it. The wp-post page will only display 3 of the most recent comment from the forum, and a link under the comment section for users to continue to forum for further discussions or to read other user comments.
Although, the WP-post page will still allow comment using either WP-comment system. But upon adding a new comment directly from the wp-post page, it get synced to the forum, and the latest 3 is still shown on the wp-page.

Sorry for being a bit off-topic but I’m curious…
So the initial 3 comments would be from WP, after that the topic would be created on Discourse and then when you post a new comment on WP it would be synced to the forum? Did you code some WP/Discourse comment sync system yourself?
What would happen for the 3 very first comment created on WP when the corresponding Discourse topic doesn’t exist yet?

I’m not sure if I misunderstand you or if your system is a bit complicated… What wouldn’t you automatically create a corresponding Discourse topic when the WP post is published, and display under the WP either a link that invites the users to comment from Discourse or a comment form that directly sends the comment on Discourse through the API (which would require coding) ?

This isn’t something that is built into the plugin, but I’m fairly sure it could be accomplished by writing a plugin that extends the WP Discourse plugin. If any hooks needed to be added to the WP Discourse plugin to allow it to be extended in this way, I would be happy to add them.