Avatar flair suggestions

Continuing the discussion from Avatar Flair (not Badges) for Groups:

This is still confusing and tripped me up today. Took a long time to find where the problem was.

The way the system currently works is that flair doesn’t show up unless you make the group “primary.” Here’s the problems with that.

  1. If the person is only part of one group, and that group has flair, why would you not show the flair?
  2. Since the only way to get flair to show up is to set the group to “primary,” if you have more than one group that you want to display flair for, you have to set all of those groups as “primary,” which makes no sense. You are given no way to prioritize the groups. Leading to…
  3. If you have somebody in two groups that both have flair, there is, ironically, no way to set one of the groups as the primary. So it’s entirely random what group info (and thus flair) will be displayed on the user, as far as I can tell.

My recommendation is for the following:

  1. remove the “primary” group setting
  2. If flair and/or default title is specified for a group, show them automatically for all group members
  3. Allow prioritization of the list of groups, so that the most important group available is displayed for title and flair
  4. Potentially limit the visibility of titles and flair based on the group’s visibility setting, and then fall back to displaying the flair and title of the highest priority group allowed to be visible to the current viewer.
  5. Also related to flair, I also think that the suggestion here for multiple flair off to the side of the name is an awesome idea. Then you’d show the highest priority flair on the avatar, but the rest of the flair would show up next to the username.

It’s the order in which they were set, from memory.


Yes – my experiments back this up. In practice, this means that if I have (say) a “staff” group with flair, and add staff to another “primary” group which also has flair, I have to then toggle the “staff” group off primary, save, then back onto primary for them to continue showing up with the “staff” flair.

It’s a bit frustrating, but it only affects my use of flair a few times a year, so it’s something I just live with for now. :slight_smile:

Can someone clarify if one can add a “flair” to a Staff group if so how? I can’t seem to figure it out but I know many forums running discourse are using flairs for their staff group.

You can’t add one to the automatic staff group, but you can make a custom group for your employees and add it to that, as we do here.