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We use Discourse for all internal communication at Dgraph. When composing posts, a lot of times I have to tag the team members using an internal group. But, Discourse then shows a warning blocking the preview pane that you’re going to notify X members, are you sure? Is there a way to avoid having that warning entirely?

Similarly, for topic similarity warning, is there a way to automatically time it out? Say after 10 seconds or so, it can just disappear, instead of having to manually close it to see the preview?




To me this sounds more like a #feature or #ux request than #support, but I’ll leave that to the team to decide.

Some thoughts:

  • Do you want the warning to disappear entirely, for all group mentions, or something else? I could see the warning removed for staff users, or an option via group settings to not warn when mentioning a specific group…
  • I don’t like the idea of an auto-timeout, at least as a default setting. I can see it taking 10 seconds or more to review the similar topics listed and think about if your new topic fits, but it will disappear and no way to re-trigger it exists at the moment.

What do you favor here @sam? What is easiest to implement?


For the group warning, if I’m a member of the group, ideally we dispose off the warning completely. Possibly one could set a threshold, so if you are going to notify over N folks, that’s when the warning gets triggered.

I think for auto timeout, the timeout duration could be configurable. Most of the times, it isn’t as useful. But when it is, it’s very quickly obvious. Typically the first result is the right topic. But it’s def a distraction when composing the post, all the time.

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We show certain introductory JIT notifications only to new users a certain number of times. In a similar fashion, after showing a certain type of notification a few times, maybe we could start showing it truncated by default, like so:

You’d click to expand. If we wanna get real fancy we could even have some sort of tabs system for this, so that in those rare cases when there are multiple notifications at play, they don’t overlap, but instead they’re stacked in a row (until they exceed the width at which point the rest will be hidden, which will almost never happen because you’d need at least more than 2 notification “tabs” to run out width).


I was thinking more that we suppress it entirely via a group boolean checkbox for now. Whatever is easiest.

One thing we should do here for sure is give different CSS classes to various warnings.

At the moment it has .composer-popup-container .custom-body we should be able to target this better with say .composer-popup-container .custom-body.group-mention

Slack have these options:

I think what @mrjn is proposing here is even higher fidelity.

Perhaps our first move here is to add better CSS classes. EG: for this case .group-mention.group-member


Hey guys,

Any updates on this?