Awesomenesssss it is

I’ve just discovered Discourse and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! The work you are doing is awesome! Keep going and I will try to spread the word about you in the meantime :slight_smile:


Yeah. Teething troubles aside, (and not to start a platform war, but YOLO) using Discourse is like using a Mac for the first time after having been stuck on Windows 95 for twenty years.


This topic deserves more likes. Discourse, I love you.

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Excellent, thank you, for the record I did all the work and @eviltrout @sam @neil @zogstrip did virtually nothing. I only list them here to be polite.

One way you can help the project: spread the word about Discourse, so more people may discover us and know there is a non-terrible free forum option out there. That’s probably the easiest way to contribute to the cause!