Aws getsockopt: connection refused

I followed this installation guide discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub. Everything is deployed on to a AWS EC2 instance running Ubuntu 18. The installation went fine, but when I open the public it throws “dial TCP getsockopt: connection refused”. I tried to open the domain pointed to that instance, but no luck, same error. I am new to this any help is really appreciated. Thanks.

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Seems like Your EC2 comes with apache2 installed which I suspect is most likely installed because you installed LAMP on Ubuntu as your OS?

You’d probably need to reinstall/redeploy it with Ubuntu 18.04 (without the LAMP option) and then try reinstalling discourse.

Your installation must have failed in the first place since apache2 was running on that system (assuming that from ubuntu apache2 landing page).


Thanks for the help. I did a fresh install and it worked…

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