Babble - A Chat Plugin

I’m using the Bitnami Discourse images and this plugin doesn’t provide real-time chat in my testing. You must refresh the page in order to see any new messages. Is that just how this plugin works? Or do other people have real-time chat through Babble?

I’m not sure, but Babble should act the same as any discourse topic, as it creates a topic per chat-channel. So it should update in real-time.

I think its related to my nginx reverse proxy that I’m using to server discourse. I’ve enabled websocket support for the site, but still not working in real time. Thank you for confirming that it should work in real time. I recall reading a page that had a nginx config for babble, but I can’t find that page anymore… Any thoughts on what else I need to set in nginx? Haha, don’t worry, you don’t need to answer that. I’ll find it. Thank you!

¿Is it possible to hide or Blur ignored / blocked users messages?

Hello @gdpelican i think i found an issue. Since 1week maybe two admin can’t see the chat when clicking on the icon. It’s only administrator who can’t access :thinking:

Hey James

is there any way you can add a route to the plugin so it can be launched from the discourse tab bar theme component?

that would be awesome from usability perspective

What a great plugin !!

I tried to read the 289messages but might have miss a few things, so excuse me if an answer has already be given to this.

I would have a few requests:

  1. order the channels by alphabetic
  2. mute/unmute specific channels
  3. make the admin control panel more friendly, currently you could create 2 identical channels without even knowing it
  4. develop something similar to mattermost, with teams etc.

Thanks !!

Hi friends ! :content:

I’ve added the Babble module to my Discourse installation. I love the concept of having a Discord-like chat window on my website, but right now I’m experiencing two issues with it.

First, I have what I’d call ghostpings (as a fellow user of Discord <3).
These are mention icons that, when clicked on, reveal nothing else than… Nothing. I mean it’s as if I received a private message, but there’s nothing new to be seen.

And the other issue is that sending a private message to another user triggers my Discord webhook and makes it announce a new topic. Which is a private conversation, that should remain private.

I hope we’ll be able to find out how to solve this… Thank you all in advance ! :content:

Is there any way to display private messages (or one specific PM topic+posts) as one-to-one messages.

I don’t like the fact that the one-to-one messages are a separate channel and don’t simply use PMs

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@gdpelican If I want to add push notifications, using say onesignal or some other provider, how can I hook into Babble to add this? I suppose I’d likely need to write a plugin that subscribes to events with message bus?

I’ve added Babble to my Discourse, but nobody is using it because there are no notifications to say there are new messages.

I’d also like an admin setting that enables audio notifications for all users by default, so that users need to opt-out, rather than opt-in. But if can get push notifications working, perhaps wouldn’t need the audio notifications enabled…

Thanks for the plugin. But i get this error when i create a channel.

Unable to save that chat channel. Please try again.

any help is much appreciated

Update: Channel was created inspite of the error I had to refresh the browser cache to see the channels. must be a bug i guess


I’m getting this same thing as well. Error but the channel is actually created.

I’m also having the chat window randomly jump to the top of the chat when clicking on threads.

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The plugin was working perfectly but after an update users can’t share photos anymore in the tchat.
I tried to uninstall all plugins then reinstall them one by one but no success.
Anyone have a clue?


@gdpelican, just wanted to bump this back up, seems like several of us are having issues with the attachment feature not working.

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Catching up on this! My users complain that they still can see chat messages from ignored users (and vice versa)

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Me and my users dont like this keyboard dissapear effect on chat post.

Is there any way to open keyboard pernamently on chat?

Trying to create a chat channel, no matter what I try it says “Unable to save that chat channel. Please try again.”
I looked in my logs and nothing regarding the plugin shows up.

How would one identify Babble chats in Data Explorer? I can write a query, please just point me to the table and field that identifies a topic or post as being a Babble chat.

Are Babble chats being counted as Posts in the admin panel statistics?

Can someone who uses this plugin write a list of current issues (including issues others have reported). I’ll try and find time to fix them next week.