Backup is stuck at "reading policies" and "reading row security"

Hi, I’m having issues when creating a backup on the admin’s interface. It seems the backup just stalls and won’t terminate. When I try to cancel the process by hitting the cancel button things seem to stop, but once i hit reload on the page, the backup just continues from what is seen on the screenshot.

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When I run a backup to test, the “reading policies” and “reading row security” steps start and complete within the first two seconds of the backup.

6:51:01 -- start backup
6:52:01 -- row security / policies starts
6:52:02 -- row security / policies completes
6:52:09 -- backup completes

Are the disks on this site unusually slow or any other oddities with the database subsystem?

Also, was this a backup with uploads included, yes or no?


At the moment disks seem ok. (i could be missing something that would tell me otherwise though) I do see a I/O disc read spike on the 26th.

Not sure if this may be a case, but I noticed oddities when manually sorting titles in conjunction with the custom wizard plugin. I’ve been using the plugin to acquire user survey data which is then output as a formatted post, but when I try to sort the title of the post alphabetically using “Change Timestamp” I noticed some users posts would go invisible. The only way the posts would show up again is if I unpinned a post within the category or if i impersonate the user and resubmit the custom wizard survey.

uploads were also included, yes.

edit: updated the server with a git pull and ./launcher rebuild app and am now able to create backups with uploads included!

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