Backup upload failing and I don't know why

(Steven Slade) #1

I am trying to upload a backup from one Discourse site to another. Steps I have completed:

  1. Download backup from Discourse Site A
  2. Enable allow_restore on Discourse Site B
  3. Press upload and choosing zipped tar.gz backup file to upload
    *Site A and B are both on the same version of Discourse.

This is when it fails. It beings to upload about 2% of the file before it errors with this:

What this is showing is a modal of a particular wordpress page that Discourse Site A is connected to. This is confusing and difficult to troubleshoot. Any suggestions?

Edit: On Discourse Site C, the upload works fine, meaning that something on Discourse Site B is causing the uploading to fail.

(Dean Taylor) #2

Probably best to make sure Discourse is up to date on both the instance you are backing up and the destination as you first point of call.

(although that might sound backward, as you’ll want to backup before updating).

(Steven Slade) #3

Good tip, Dean. It’s my fault for forgetting to include that in the steps I had already taken. They are both on the same version.

(Dean Taylor) #4

There have been a few threads on here in the past where upload hasn’t worked…
… the alternative is to upload a backup into the backup folder via SSH.

The default backup folder is: /var/discourse/shared/standalone/backups/default

(Steven Slade) #5

Interesting, I never considered this. If no other solutions to the error become apparent, I’ll give this a try.

(Steven Slade) #6

UPDATE: this is an error in the console

(Dean Taylor) #7

This is only a warning, unlikely to be the cause.

(Steven Slade) #8

I decided to ssh and add the file manually. I did this and was hoping it would show up on the Discourse UI but it did not. In another thread it discusses restoring manually as well, but unfortunately it’s not for the faint of heart (which I am).

(Dean Taylor) #9

Simply copying an existing backup allows it to display in the UI for me:

(Steven Slade) #10

Figured it out. The url of Discourse Site A was using Discourse as a subfolder rather than a separate domain. After changing this, they show up. Thanks for following this @DeanMarkTaylor

(Jeff Atwood) #11