Badge and Reason

Hi, if I give a user a custom Badge without writing a reason, and I later figure out there is a link I could have put as the reason; I see no way to edit the Reason.
So I have to Revoke the Badge and Grant it again, this time also writing the Reason?

Related: does users get a Notification when I Revoke a Badge of theirs?

Thanks in advance!

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So I think I can confirm that I have to revoke the badge, then regrant it if I want to add a Reason.
It seems it does not give a notification when I take stuff away from people, but Im not 100% sure on the latter.

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Do you mean you have no description of the badge (short or long) itself?
The link you mention… is that a post the person made that you believe should be recognized as the reason for awarding the post?

When you make a custom badge, you should add what the badge is for. Then give a long(er) description of what the badge is and why it’s awarded. You can also check the box below the description so the badge notification will show the post that earned the person said badge. You can also stipulate that a badge can be earned/granted multiple times (depending upon the qualifiers for the badge).