Unable to grant custom badge for non-empty reason field

Hi, I checked latest both stable 1.9.3+2 and test-passed and realized that custom badge cannot be granted to user if the reason field is not empty.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create a new simple badge using font-awasome icon, without SQL
  2. go to admin/users, find desirable user
  3. click Edit badges
  4. select the badge created
  5. type a reason (important!) https://www.cuba-platform.com/discuss/t/redirecting-http-to-https/3977/4
  6. click Grant
  7. you’ll get an error, see details below in the picture.

If the reason field is empty, there is no error.

My forum is in a subfolder, probably that’s a reason of the fail:


This looks incredibly likely to be the reason, unable to repro on non-subfolder.


I was able to find the issue. I found it out after seeing that we were returning 404 in the first screenshot instead of 400. We were not taking care of relative_root_url while parsing reason of badge.

I have created PR for the same here:


This has been merged. Thank you @saurabhp!


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