Grant badge reason not added to the granted badge

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Grant a badge to user with a reason. The reason won鈥檛 added to the granted badge after clicking the Grant button.

This commit is probably related: DEV: upgrade grant badge modal to glimmer (#23526) 路 discourse/discourse@a4238a3 路 GitHub

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


We鈥檙e (sadly) able to replicate this too.

Currently running 3.2.0.beta2-dev (3f6adca2d7).

Hopefully the reason has still been recorded in the background and just isn鈥檛 being displayed in the front end :crossed_fingers:

Otherwise we鈥檝e got a mountain of admin work to do for all our other badges with missing links鈥

:running_man: :dash:


Also, if it helps, the person who granted the badge is not listed here either:


Thanks for the report and identifying the commit, we鈥檒l be fixing this.

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