Badge automaticaly doesn't triggers

(Matthieu Lamarque) #1

I have a problem on a discourse badges configuration.
Since few days, badges are not trigger when users make actions.
The badge is of course enable and i have results if make a preview on back-office.

example : badge for a first like
request :     SELECT p.user_id, min(post_id) post_id, min(pa.created_at) granted_at
    FROM post_actions pa
    JOIN badge_posts p on = pa.post_id
    WHERE post_action_type_id = 2 AND
        (:backfill OR pa.post_id IN (:post_ids) )
    GROUP BY p.user_id

I don’t know where to look to resolve that.
Thanks for your help.


(Jay Pfaffman) #2

You can look at /sidekiq/scheduler and search for “badge” to trigger the badge manually.

If you run the query by editing the badge and running it, does it still work?

(Matthieu Lamarque) #3


Yes, f I trigger the badge manually via /sidekiq/scheduler, the badges are assigns.
But if I change trigger to ‘automatically’ after user event’ nothing :’(