Custom badge for trust level 0

I’m trying to grant a badge to all the new users in my forum. I’m trying the following

I see this preview

But the badge is not assigned

Oh and I don’t want the badge for users after reaching a higher trust level.
Any idea please?

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Badges are granted at a fixed time each day. It looks like there is nothing wrong with your code, then all you have to do is wait for the next day and it will automatically grant.

(Or you can also go to /sidekiq/scheduler, find Jobs::BadgeGrant and press trigger)


Thank you so much. It worked. Do you have any suggestions on how can I grant the badge as soon as a user creates an account? I tried to change the trigger to “When a user is edited or created”
and it worked fine. But I also need to remove the badge when a user reaches trust level 1. Is this something feasible?
Thank you again.


With your current configuration, nothing needs to be done. It will run the task every day and revoke the old badges.
I haven’t tried yet whether it will be immediately revoked when the user reaches trust level 1.