Badge details page shows a "undefined" user and debounce issues

EDIT: a dangling badge shows when associated user is deleted.

Debounce issues repro:

  1. around 300px height browser window
  2. Keep fast scroll down.
  3. I requested twice around 96 offset in three tries.

That user was deleted – so that’s why they don’t show up.

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Most of the default Badges are revocable.

For those, when the queries are run again revoked badges won’t show on their pages.

A few of the default Badges are not revocable i.e.
First Flag
Hot Link
Famous Link

For those, once they’re there, they’re there.

I guess the logic of First Flag is to award it when the Flag feature is used, regardless of whether or not the Flag was Agreed or not. It isn’t First Good Flag after all.

Unfortunately I don’t see an easy CSS fix for removing the div entirely or the “granted at” from the page.

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Hiding them is quite easy but since the root cause is that badges are not revoked when a user is deleted.

Might worth cleaning them anyways

Yeah we should clean these things up on deletion… having a look at sorting this out.

Note, we already have “dependant destroy”, so something fishy is up.


This fixes the orphan issue:


This fixes the second issue:

But please, in future, one bug report per topic.