Badge given even if not active

Hiya! In my forum, we noticed that the badge (here especially “First Onebox”) is given (i.e. a notification is sent) even if the badge isn’t active. This leads to a problem, when the badge isn’t active: the notification link leads into a “not found”, and the badge isn’t listed in the list of badges for that user (that still got the message).

To clarify: Badge notification is sent, even if it’s not active.


Also, probably a locale problem, but when users earn their badges, they are sent a message with the English title of that badge, despite the forum otherwise using Finnish locale.

Notification is, for example: “Ansaitsit ‘Reader’” (You earned ‘Reader’). In other places this badge is named in Finnish “Lukutoukka”.

(Maybe this message should be moved to locale/translation area…)

Did you disable all badges via the site setting?

No, badges are enabled globally (enable badges is checked).

The First Onebox badge was separately turned off in the badges list.

This might be a bug then @sam

Yup, we have the same issue.
I reported it here a while back.


Here’s a fix for the granting behaviour.


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