Badge-related titles disappear every day

Our users have reported that their “Title” based on their trust level badge has disappeared. When they select it again, it disappears again by the next day.

Titles based on Group membership are not disappearing though.

We’re using 2.5.0.beta1.

Bug? Something on our side? Where should we look for a solution?

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Try updating to latest and checking if the problem still happens.


I’m on 2.6.0.beta1 and this still happen, I set a badge as title a couple of times and the title will still be empty on the next day.

Sorry to bump this again, anyone have seen the same issue? Or is there a setting that I can tune it?

Yes, there is a related bug report here: Title disappears when user sets it. One of our engineers has been assigned to look into the issue, so there should be more information about the problem soon.