Downgrading Trust Level preserves the revoked badge

I downgraded a user’s TL4 down to TL0.
The user’s group assignment correctly shows trust_level_0 in the admin panel,
but the user’s public profile still displays the old TL4 badge. TL4 rank is also available to be displayed as the user’s title.

It’s possible that job only runs periodically so you may need to wait a while to see the changes reflected in the UI.

I’ll double check.


Yup, confirmed that it runs every 24 hours.


Thanks @HAWK. I made the change 19 hours ago, so I’ll just wait.

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so… the revoked badge was removed from the profile, however the user title (“Leader”) stayed. I had to remove it manually through the admin panel. Is this as intended?

Where are you seeing that title?

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Yeah I do not think we properly remove the title, maybe we should special case it. In the meantime after you downgrade be sure to clear the title in the admin/user page.


Thanks @sam. It’s not a big problem, I just have to remember that it works this way.
What I would really love is an automatic selection of a newly acquired TL name as user’s Title .
Titles are visible in the topic stream, while badges aren’t (you have to look up the user card). A user would still have an option not to use a Title.