Badges not Showing

Hi, I had a brief look around the forum but none of the topics covered this issue.
I’ve just setup a new Discourse forum and got everything working just fine. However, something I notice is that there is no Badges option on a User’s profile page and certain badges don’t appear at all on User Cards.

I’m not sure if this just a setting that has to be enabled or something else?

Have you enabled the badge system via Settings > Basic Setup?

Yes, the badge system is enabled in the Basic Setup. But that was already enabled before I made this topic.

OK, it was a wild guess :slight_smile:

Some of the badges (e.g., trust level badges) are only given via a background job and do not appear instantaneous.

Also, some of the pages that show badges are cached. So you might check if you see differences after clearing the device cache.

Alright. I’ll give that one a try.

In the meantime, I’ve also found a topic which details some of what I’ve pointed out above regarding badge caching:


Thanks, it was all down to caching.

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