Badges: Member needs more explanatory text


(Rudolf Olah) #1

I just got upgraded to members status on a forum and I wasn’t sure what “granted invitations” meant and I had to dig through the badges list to figure it out. I can understand why there’s a link instead of the actual text (it’ll always be up to date) but it might be nice if the sentence explained more clearly what is meant by an invitation.

All I see is this: “Granted invitations” (screenshot)

It would be more clear if it read: “Granted invitations (you can now invite new users to topics)”

Or some other wording.

The url of the page I was on was: /badges/2/member

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Yes, this is on my plate, adding more copy to explain badges when you are on the badge page and have not seen that page before – but I have not gotten to it yet.

(Kane York) #3

Wait, why just show it on first visit?

There should be a “short description” for the /badges screen, and an “extended description” for the individual badge page. Show it all the time, no “first visit” stuff.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

This copy is in now, so it’s up to @sam to display it before we release 1.3. Some other priorities at the moment.

(Sam Saffron) #5

I added the text

“Invited 3 basic users (trust level 1)”

Should be ok?