Banner Alert incorrectly counting number of topics


I recently moved my discourse to a new server. But now I continue to get this banner which will not go away despite having many more than 5 topics. Any ideas on what could be causing this?!

I believe that a job runs to update that. It probably runs once a day. Would that explain it?


@pfaffmanI agree, would think so, but have added multiple topics since changing over to new server and still says “1 topic” which is just not the case. So odd. Wonder where that error would be?

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It only counts public topics.


Ahhhh! Well, that’s helpful. I guess no way to get the banner to go away then other than turning it off or making fake public comments and then deleting them?

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Well, it’s only visible to staff. Are all the users on your site staff members?


No. No one else can see it, but man does it make me OCD. Ha.


I believe we have a setting for this, for sites where most topics are in private categories:

show create topics notice

If the site has fewer than 5 public topics, show a notice asking admins to create some topics.


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