Getting started banner not being updated

In our newly setup install of Discourse, this getting started banner is showing without the details updating.

We have actually got 32 topics and 90 posts at the time I took this screenshot.

Are those all in public categories?


Our forum is running in private mode, but assuming that’s not what you mean by public. How is public determined?

Our categories all have membership requirements on them, we’re not using the default uncategorised category. Most members are a member of the group which allows them to see most of the categories though.

Then no, that refers to public topics - they’re recommendations to start communities, if you’re running as a private forum your model is different.

Go into /admin and search for the setting called show create topics notice- you can disable it to remove the notification.


:thinking: we should improve this somehow for private-only instances. Can you add to your long term list @techAPJ