Banner duplicates info when used with category logo

This looks awesome! Will give it a whirl and report back!

EDIT: Just installed it and tested it on a category that already had a category logo set. When I turn on the category banner theme, I get the banner, but also the category logo and description right below it. Is this normal?

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That makes me wonder if it’s possible for this plugin to grab the category logo and include it in the banner?


Yeah that’s normal, I didn’t do anything to hide the default header that appears if you add a logo. To hide it you can remove the category logo or add this CSS to you theme:

.category-heading {
    display: none;

Should be possible, I can look at adding that option in the near future.


Hi There!

is it possible to add a custom background image instead of the space where the color shows?

Is then possible? To add the logo of the category next to the category title? thx!


That is exactly the same I have thought.

It would be great to display de category logo at the left of the title and desciption.

And if there is a background image, to use it to render only de background of the banner instead of the default behaviour of redering the image in the bacground of the whole window.

The default category logo should be hidden by this component, as having both requires too much space, or at least give the option to hide it without tweaking the theme.