Batch Delete topics in a category?

(Chad) #21

That was it, it was hidden behind the “activity” column/row text. My $.02 the wrench should go on the left, as that is where I was selecting the check boxes so I’m already looking in that part of the screen.

(cpradio) #22

Screenshot please, as I’d like to know what text you are referring to.

(Chad) #23

you can see the wrench is half showing half hidden on the right side of the screen

(cpradio) #24

@awesomerobot, is this a regression? As on our “old” instance, it doesn’t do that. It sits on top of the column headings.

(Mittineague) #25

To me it looks like the wrench is showing complete - but - only the right half of it has the darker background
*lines up with the edge of the table rows below it.

(Chad) #26

In this grab I made my browser window smaller, if you look carefully you can see the wrench behind the word

(Mittineague) #27

Hmmm, is actually behind it? That is, if you click on the wrench you get Activity sorting instead of the modal?

(cpradio) #28

Yes. That is correct, it is behind it (just proved it on my installation).

(Joe Seyfried) #29

Really sorry to go necro on this one, but the OP mentioned:

…are there any plans for that one currently? I have an old category I’d like to get rid of, which has 909 topics and I don’t really feel like clicking them all…

(Régis Hanol) #30

As a workaround you can use the search to search for all the topics in that category and then you can use the select all button :wink:

(Joe Seyfried) #31

Nice one. Follow-up question: can I raise the limit of 50 posts per search results page? For 900+ topics to be deleted, this is a major PITA factor… :wink:

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #32

I too would like to follow up on this. Currently going through a category with >2000 threads, attempting to re-categorize all threads that have not been modified within the last 3 months (last edit August 31 or earlier). Currently I am clicking on hundreds of check boxes to do this, would be nice to click on one check box, hold shift and then click on “last” checkbox, with discourse checking all boxes in between. Otherwise a major reorganization like this is a nightmare!

(cpradio) #33

May be easier to do it from the Ruby Console… just a thought.

(tdops) #34

Did you by any chance get an easier way to do this? i.e Ruby Console? Thanks

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #35

No, sorry. I never got any information on this, ended up clicking every checkbox by hand…

(tdops) #36

WOW! I have over 6K topics to delete. I guess I better get going manually deleting them :frowning: Thanks a lot anyway.

(Jeff Atwood) #37

If this is your own install, you can delete topics from the interactive Ruby console if you SSH into your server and enter the docker container.

(tdops) #38

@codinghorror - thanks for this- Yes it’s my installation. Is there a guide you can point me to? Or is there a sample Model query that I can use in the irb console?

(| full stack virgin) #39

any update on this mass/batch delete categories feature?

(Leslie Young) #40

Thanks for the tip on using search. Can’t believe there is no way to delete a whole category if it is not empty or mass select posts for deletion.