Bulk Topic Delete

How do I bulk delete posts? I’ve just imported my old database from xenforo, but it didnt import any ‘categories’ so they are all uncategorized, I just want to remove them all, All i called about was the users anyway. I’ve searched for how to do this people say click the wrench, but the only time the wrench appears for me is when Im actually in reading the topic itself… I want a bulk select to delete all posts… Possibly a checkbox, or a select all button?

On the topic list, click the following


Thank you! Is there no select all?

No there is not a select all. You can also delete a lot of topics using the Rails Console, but I’ll defer that to someone who knows it better than I.

The easiest/fastest way to do this is to change the import script to not do the topics or posts and re-do the import.

If you open up the javascript console on your browser and enter the following, it should perform a select all:


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Just closing the loop here, we now have a select all, which selects everything visible.