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So we’ve just migrated from bbPress and we’ve ran into a bit of an issue. Basically, we used bbPress as a support forum and users used private replies for when they needed to post sensitive information such as username/password and/or their wp-config.php file configuration.

Now we’ve just noticed that these topics are now visible on Discourse. We ran a search on the DB and its returning a very high number of posts which have used this feature.

So my question is, is there anything anyone can recommend to hide these posts from non-admins/staff or do we need to edit the posts content or delete them?


So the bbPress migrator did not properly migrate these as private messages? How many topics like this are there? You can use the admin wrench to manually convert topics to PMs as needed, but depending how many you have…

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As far as I can tell all posts that were marked as private replies are still posts in the Discourse forum and haven’t been converted to PM’s. We’re still going through the database, but last time I spoke to my team there were 3600 posts. :frowning:

I think will run the migration again and see if the same thing happens again.

Private Replies is a third-party bbpress extension, which limits selected responses within threads as only being visible to staff and the OP.

Does the existing migrator handle them as PMs?


Hmm in that case you (meaning @Poshwaffle) may need to update the migrator to handle that third party extension…


Yep, as it is the migrator is working as intended by migrating all of the replies.

It wouldn’t (and in fact can’t) know about a flag being applied to certain topics in this way.

How are you planning to support Private Replies in Discourse?


Ah that makes sense and thanks for the responses.

We won’t be handling support via Discourse and is instead will be a community forum.

There are several ways to use Discourse to manage support requests, if you’re so-inclined. Group inboxes are also a great solution for this, and keep all your users engaged in one place.


You don’t support third party discourse extentions. :wink:

How to decide which bbpress extensions?

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