Need an ability to move a private message to a public category

I have a professional forum, and a lot of visitors try ask their questions in private messages to me, not in a public topic.
If a visitor is not a paying customer, I have no motivation to solve his/her problems in private messages, but in some cases can do so in a public topic, because it could be a useful content for other visitors.
So an ability to move a private topic a public category would be great.

I see a request for the reverse feature: Flag option “convert into PM”, and it is also very useful for a professional forum.

I see also a partial solution (which is originally for the reverse case, but it works in the both directions): create a new public topic, then select and move all the messages from the current private topic.
It solves the problem only partially because I have to create a new topic with a some non-sense topmost post (there is no ability to create a topic without a post), and the new topic will have another author (the original author’s question will only be the second message in the new post).

There is also another partial solution: make a non-sense answer in the private topic, then select all the topic’s posts without the latest and move it to a new topic (the ability to move posts to a new topic is available only if not all topic’s posts are selected).

A good solution would be an ability to just specify a public category for a private topic, as we have in the public topic editing scenario.


When you say “private topic” do you mean a private Message? Or a regular topic in a category that has restricted permissions to be private?

I mean a private message.

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Agreed, this could be helpful for us. Sometimes people reply to the automatic “site welcome” message that comes from my account, rather than posting their question(s) as a new topic.

When somebody asks you a question by repying in an existing private conversation, it is not so big problem, because you can move his question to a new public topic (I have described it above as the second partical solution).
The real problem is when a somebody asks a question in a new private conversation, because there is no a useful way to convert all the conversation into a public topic.

Yep we are interested in this feature and it comes up a fair bit. Moving to the long term todos in releases.

cc @watchmanmonitor I believe?


Right, I’m looking for something similar here:


This feature is now available :sunny: