Bcc plugin placeholders not working

The Discourse-bcc plugin’s new feature has a glitch.

When I write this message from the user NathanK to my two test users, the placeholder only seems to work on the first user:

This is what I get for the first user, which is sweet:

However, this is what I get for the second user (note that the username is the first user’s):


Ah, I see what I did wrong. Give me an hour or so and I’ll have a PR with the fix.


Awesome - I look forward to the merge so it can be used ‘in anger’.

Have you considered bringing the UX a little more in line with the Discourse Canned Replies plugin? For example, using the following instead of {username} and {@username}:

  1. %{recipient_name}
  2. %{recipient_username}
  3. %{@recipient}
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Awesome, fix is now merged!