Be able not to show elementary badges in the badge page

currently there are lots of badges shown in the badge page, and the order is also such that more important badges are shown later.

I believe the badge page is a tool for some gamification. as a result if one can show only important badges, it’d have a better effect on user.

e.g. some badges like “first mention” or “first like” can only be shown to the user and it’s not necessary to show them in the badge page as well. but in the badge setting page, one can’t disable this option: admins can only determine if the badge is active or not, and if it’s active it has to be shown in the badge page.

may the default option be select-able by admins?

p.s.: I hope the English explanation is clear enough.

The badges all have their own CSS classes. Feel free to hide the ones you don’t want displayed.


agree, and we have already done that for our forum, but may I know what is the reason for the always-visible-behaviour of these elementary badges?