Starter VPS

i want to start my community for my blog.

I have a shared hosting, but Discourse need a VPS.

Is this good? OVHcloud

I have to launch the community as a test for my users, I don’t know if they will use it in the future.

Hi Antonio,
depends on the size of your community, but it is a bit short on space (and ram, and cpu), but for that price and a test…
also I’m sorry to say that the customer service is still hit or miss. But it’ll do for a small test instance, I have some of those there, are running (almost) flawlessly since ages.
I also have few small vps at contabo, and if not for a few frights last couple of months (please download or remote some backups and save a copy of your app.yml !), I’m satisfied and the customer service has been very reactive .

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If i put on server Wordpress with 500 visitator/day and a community with discourse on subdomain, woch server (also hetzner) do you reccomend?

Don’t put those on same VPS. It has tendency to break. It can be done and needs only a reverse proxy as Nginx, but…

500 visitors doesn’t need that much, but it depends how much you are dealing with files and are you using S3 or similar. But start smaller because increasing is quite easy. Take two general ones and 4 GB RAM for both. Amount of cores and HDD size is then what it is.

Or if you want to use one VPS you should choose at least 8 GB RAM.


Okay, I can also leave WordPress on the shared server for now and point the DNS only to the subdomain where I will install discourse.
As for servers, can you recommend a specific one to start with?

Anyone help me?