Best Practices for Enabling Email Digest & Email Names

All -

  1. Have you ever had complains enabling your email digest?

  2. We just switched to Discourse and as I understand this is enabled by default, but we disabled it during migration and now it makes me wonder if this will cause spam when I turn it on again. Any best practices on setting this correctly? (When I did a test post, several users got a digest)

  3. If I enabled this digest feature today, when will the email be sent out and what’s the scope of “New Topics”, “Likes Received” and “New Posts” will show up, is it over the past 7 days? (we are set to weekly)

  4. Does it go to all users at the same time?

  5. What config fields did you modify for your own forums?

  6. What’s the logic behind enabling user’s full name on the profile by default? Thanks a lot!

What do you mean by spam? It will only send one email to each person (under the usual digest parameters). People have the opportunity to opt out on an individual basis. Digests are a good idea – I’d reenable if it were my forum.

Some communities (esp professional ones) require it as they believe it adds accountability. I personally believe that people should have the choice. This discussion is an interesting one on the subject: Do you require (and display) real names? - Managing Communities - FeverBee Experts