Better Mobile PM view by showing TS avatar

I find that my PM view on mobile is not very clear. If I have multiple people dm’ing me from a topic, all DM’s show the same title and no user avatar.

I have to open en see the conversation to see from who it is. It would be more convenient to show the user avatar who started the topic and even his name below the title.

Is there something I can do to make mobile DM’s better or is this something that more people bump into?

Can you provide a screenshot? I am not totally following.

I have this issue too, but in my case showing the avatar of the topic starter wouldn’t solve it.

Users receive PMs with fixed titles as a product of one workflow and I’m included in circulation(1). A number of other PMs are generated from links, as a result they have a standard title that many don’t customize(2).

The inbox view on mobile is just the title and age. Sometimes that means screens of the same-titled topic with zero visual differentiation.

It’s almost impossible to tell like-titled topics apart from this view. Seeing the topic starter would only solve (2) - the avatar of the other participants would cover both.


This explains it very good in a different way. This info is not enough for all boards.

I will use a screenshot from Meta.

If you imagine most recent private messages are send from one topic, so all titles are the same.

This image is not that bad. But when you are in groupmessages and have a lot similiar (topic-)titles it’s not easy to see whose PM you’re opening.

The white space below title could show all recipients comma seperated.