Better options when handeling flags, and show what action a moderator has taken in review history

In my option it would be better if the review screen would also show what action the moderator decided to take. Right now it only shows all the flags that came in on a particular post (there can be multiple) and per flag which user flagged the post, which moderator reviewed it, and whether the moderator agreed or disagreed. It does not yet show what he did with the post if he agreed: “Deleted”, “Left unchanged”, “Hidden until edited”, “Poster suspended”, “Poster silenced”.

I also think the delete button should be removed as an option on it’s own, because it isn’t clear whether the moderator agreed, disagreed or ignored the flag. Deleting is an action he can take after agreeing or ignoring the post, but is not a verdict on it’s own.
Of course deleting should still be an action the moderator could take: “Delete post and agree” should become one of the actions in the dropdown after you agree with the flag simply called “Delete post”. The ignore button should open a drop down offering the actions “Leave unchanged” and “Delete post”

And maybe “Ignore” should be renamed to “No verdict”.

Finally I think it makes sense if a moderator can select multiple actions to take based on one flag: One action against the post, and one action against the poster (the user who posted). For example it should be possible to both delete the post and suspend the user.

To sum it up:

  • A moderator can choose one of three verdicts: “Agree”, “Disagree” or “No verdict”.
  • Based on which verdict he has chosen, he chooses one action against the post (delete, hide until edited, or leave unchanged), and one or no action against the poser himself (silence, suspend).
  • Any actions the moderator takes also show up in the review history.

Would have loved to include a mock up picture here but the forum won’t let me upload an image.