"Between posts" house ad not appearing

https://forum.moversmindset.com where I have a house ad configured (it shows up in other positions, eg above the suggested topics) for between posts and the number set to 9 (just 'cuz.)

Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 15.32.18

Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 15.33.01

And yet, I don’t see it; Not in Latest view (site front), nor in a topic (eg our Public topic.)

Note that configuration for ads doesn’t show them for two groups (one that includes our team and one that includes our patreon members) and the show/hide aspect of that works fine. The only thing I can’t seem to make work is within-the-post-lists “between posts”


Hi Craig,

As an anon or admin user I can see the ad after the 9th post in this topic as example, Communities as self-governed, unique, and personalized space - Public - Movers Mindset Forum both on desktop and mobile with Firefox and Chrome on Windows 10.

Which browser and operating system are you using?

Is it possible that you have an ad blocker running on your browser?


OH!! “within A topic”… I was thinking this was within a list of topics… derp my bad.


I see why you cant’ see the ads.

You are a member of mm_team


and members of that group can’t see ads.


I’m not confused by the group-driven hide/show. I was thinking “between” meant within a listing of topics. “between” means within a listing of replies in a particular topic. It all works exactly as it should.

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