Bi-weekly digest?

Is there anyway to customize Discourse to change the weekly Digest option to bi-weekly? I find that daily is too often and weekly is too infrequent. It seems bi-weekly would be the best. Indeed, my users have said as much.


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Yes, I too feel that a default of 3 days would work well.

Sure that was easy to add for you guys:

Also I called it “every 3 days” because I found out “Biweekly” is a super confusing expression:


WOW - thank you @eviltrout!! Seriously that’s a huge help. I was trying to think of how I would rig up my own somehow, and you just saved me a lot of work. Thanks again.

I love that it doesn’t go on the same day of the week… keeps a bit of variety. This will be the new default setting (for those that turn off mailing list mode).


@eviltrout I see this option successfully now in the Digest Default under Admin Settings, but in individual user settings, it is not listed under “When I don’t visit here, send an email digest of what’s new:” – it seems currently selecting this new setting in Admin, selects “daily” for users.

Ah right, they should be able to choose it there now too: