Bit weird that pinning counts as a reply

I was a little surprised to find a reply on a post I just made and then discovered that pinning it was counted as a reply.

I found out by unpinning it and re-pinning it and found the reply count was now 2.

I found this a bit weird, anyone else? Or explain why it makes sense?



staff actions such as closing, pinning etc… are counted as replies. I think you can hide it via this CSS. This may be annoying in other UX stuff

.small-action {
  display: none;
.small-action.time-gap {
  display: block;

Or like I do sometimes, I just delete the action made by staff as this deletes the reply

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Hi Ondrej

Thanks for the suggestion although it’s not the reply “stub” that bothers me but the reply count.

My experience was that deleting it didn’t bump down the reply count. And that’s really the issue.

I think that most users, like me, would not think of this as a “reply” and, like me, would then scroll back and forth looking for it.