Bitnami Discourse VM on Virtualbox + SMTP mail-server for testing


Have used the Bitnami Discourse image (OVA file) to create an Oracle Virtualbox VM. The mail authentication of account doesn’t work with Gmail SMTP service configuration, and I do not have any other mail service account. I am trying to use Discourse only in a captive host-only testbed, so wondering if there is any local network SMTP daemon / service that I could start to complete the testing ? I’m happy with 100% command line mail client and server, but prefer something that is lightweight and not too hard to configure. Anyone aware and can share a suitable approach ?


Dev used to use mailcatcher but now uses mailhog. See Beginners Guide to Install Discourse on Ubuntu for Development

Bitnami installs are not supported here, but you might be able to get one of those working?

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