Bitnami Launchpad for DigitalOcean

Bitnami Launchpad for DigitalOcean is now avaiable, so I need to
know if under my own domain can I get Magento and Discourse at the same
For intanse, If you enter to my Magento website and forum mywebstore/forum in order to access to both
links under a same domain. Is this possible or do I have to open a new
domain TLDs type like for example or similar?


Definitely you can install Magento and Discourse at the same domain. Moreover, you can install it in the both combinations: store in subdirectory or forum in subdirectory.
I have a Discourse forum at the domain root and Magento 2.0 store at subdirectory:
The store is for demo purpose now, to buy the plugins use another url:
My Nginx configuration: How to install Magento 2.0 into subdirectory using Nginx + PHP-FPM - Magento 2
A configuration for Magento 1.x will be different but similar to my Magento 2.0.

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