Blank page on discourse due to CloudFlare Rocket Loader

All links on my discourse website just show the blank page, and I just can access to the admin page only.
Can you help me what is error?

If I want to browse my website, at first I must go to the https://mysite/about and then click on the link or the topics, but if I browse from direct link or open links in the new tabs (and if I refresh the new page, it will show the blank page), it will show the blank page. :frowning:

I’m not quite sure. Can you repeat it here on meta?

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Have you tried Safe mode?


Are you using any third-party plugins or theme customisations?

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Yes, I tried already and nothing happen. Still have the same error.

Definitely fine on mobile.

You can open a link and then refresh the page to see the blank.

It looks like you’re using the Rocket Loader in Cloudflare, Can you turn that off and see if that fixes your issue?


many thank @Johani. I accidentally turned it on this morning. Thanks a million