Password reset landing page not loading because of cloudflare rocketloader


Some team members (myself included) are trying to reset our account passwords in our Discourse community sub-domain, but when we clicking on the “reset password email” we just see a blank screen, nothing is loading.

Any ideas what might be the issue? Could be this related to the template we are using?

I’d recommend that you try safe mode, but I bet Richard will have a more clever suggestion.

EDIT: Not more clever, but more complete. :slight_smile:

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  • Anything in your browser console?
  • Anything in /logs ?
  • Does it happen in safe mode ?
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When trying to enter to safe mode, it seems I get the same issue (white screen, nothing is loading). I tested in Brave Browser and Chrome with no adblockers.

Where I can check the /logs?

Rocket Loader means you have enabled Cloudflare “optimizations” for the Discourse forum domain. You must disable RocketFlare for the Discourse domain on your DNS settings in Cloudflare for it to work properly.


That fixed the issue! thanks @Falco

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